2020-2021 President: Howard Kea            Contact: President@cbcia.org




Howard Kea and his wife, Nikki, live full-time in Columbia Beach with their son, Tyler. Howard has worked at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center for nearly 30 years. He is currently a Senior Organizational Development Specialist and Executive Coach in the Office of Human Capital Management. Before completing his PhD in leadership and organizational change, he worked at Goddard as a Sr. Computer Systems Engineer. Howard also holds a master’s degree in engineering administration.





  • Presides at all membership and board meetings


  • Within 60 days of his or her election, recommends for appointment the chairpersons of all the standing committees and presents these recommendations to the membership for a vote


  • Becomes a member of all standing committees


  • In consultation with the other board members, prepares an annual budget for submission to the membership at the December meeting


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