What we can do to become a cleaner, healthier community


We all want a clean and beautiful community, and we know that things we do --and don't do--every day can make a difference. These things can also contribute to our stormwater problems, another issue we all care about.


The Anne Arundel Watershed Stewards Academy (WSA) has developed a Clean Water Community program. Communities can earn the Clean Water Community designation by showing a commitment to the environment. Ways to do this include promoting Clean Water Best Practices, having members of the community trained in storm water management techniques, and installing rainscaping practices on community and private property.  In addition to being something we can be proud of, becoming a Clean Water Community would give us special access to some WSA services, including services that would halp us deal with our stormwater problems.


Although WSA is not able to take on new communities for this program in 2019, Columbia Beach residents can start taking action now so we will be in a position to become a Clean Water Community as soon as the WSA is ready. As a start, we can each commit to implementing the best practices that would have a positive effect on our community. 


Click here for a list of these simple Clean Water Best Practices.


As discussed and approved at the most recent Community Meeting, members of the Clean Water Committee will be going door to door (probably in April), to get residents to commit to these best practices. To earn recognition as a Clean Water Community, a minimum of 25 percent of households in the community will need to commit to these best practices.



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