1. Pick up, bag, and dispose of dog waste in a trash can when walking a dog or taking a dog to communal areas. Pick up and dispose of pet waste in your yard, at least daily.


2. Don't use fertilizer on your lawn or limit fertilization to once a year in the fall.


3. Convert part of your lawn and/or impervious surface on your property into an area planted with native plants to ease stormwater issues and create an environment for birds and other native species. Maintain these plants (water, weed, replant).


4. Ensure that downspouts direct water onto pervious surfaces (lawn or flower beds) and not onto impervious surfaces (such as sidewalks or gravel driveways).


5. Keep drainage pipes/ditches free of leaves and debris to allow water to drain after rain. 



The Columbia Beach Board of Directors is asking all residents of the community to commit to at least three of these practices or, ideally, to all of them. 


John Wakeman-Linn is leading the Clean Water Community effort. Contact him with questions or comments at




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