$34 for a 55-gallon barrel



Click here  to order your $34 barrel today! 


VP Hasson Diggs has gotten us a deal from the Bowie Lions Club, which sells rain barrels as part of its community service for $75 each. If CBCIA can sell 30 rain barrels, the Lions will give us a discounted price of $68 each. And, CBCIA will pay half for a bottom line price to the homeowner of  $34 each. That’s $34 for a $75 rain barrel.



The barrels are

     ***easy to install

     ***55 gallon capacity

     ***plastic, commercial grade

     ***screened to prevent mosquitos from breeding

     ***pet and child proof

     ***equipped with an over-flow valve near the top            that allows the barrels to be daisy- chained              together

     ***equipped with a spigot at the bottom for                   drawing off water or attaching a hose


All money earned by the Lions from the sale of the barrels goes back to the Bowie community projects                                                                                                       and programs they sponsor.  

                                                                                                     For more info, contact Hasson Diggs at                                                                                                                         Vicepres@cbcia.org 




                                                                                            Click here  to order your $34 barrel today! 





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