Gate Access

The CBCIA Security Committee, chaired by Mike Way, oversees gate access for the community.


Contact Mike Way at



Columbia Beach residents are issued clamshell cards that can be swipped at the gate and decals that attach to the inside of their cars’ windshields for automatic gate opening. Note: decals are most effective if attached to the upper left (inside) corner of windshield.


The gate requires approximately 10 to 12 seconds to retract fully. Please wait until the gate is fully open to allow your vehicle to pass without damage and without damaging the gate mechanism.




The gate is equipped with a searchable (by last name) directory of residents that can be used by visitors to find individual households. Once a name is located, the visitor should press enter and the phone number you've provided to the Security Committee will ring.  The phone number that will show up as calling you is 862-688-30578. If the resident responding to the call hits the #9 button on their phone, the gate will open. The resident's phone number on file can be a landline or a cell phone but be aware that spotty cell phone coverage might limit the effectiveness of a cell phone for this purpose. Note: it is the sole responsibility of the resident to ensure that expected guests or workers can obtain access. 


Residents can obtain access codes for contractors doing long-term or regular work. Access codes will be unique, time-limited, and tied to the homeowner requesting them. In the event of abuse, codes can be tracked and replaced.


Emergency and essential service providers (such as oil and propane suppliers, FedEx, UPS, Mobility Transportation, and USPS) all have their own access codes. The gate is left open on Monday to facilitate trash pick-up.



For resident owners: To obtain free clamshell cards and/or car decals, new resident owners should make a request to Mike at


For resident tenants: The property owner on record must set up access for tenants.


New resident requests must include the following information:


First name, last name

Address in Columbia Beach

Phone number for the Gate Directory

Mailing address if different from Columbia Beach address


NOTE: The homeowner is repsponsible for notifying CBCIA if they are moving or if their tenants are moving so we can disable access and collect cards. 



Residents can request that the gate be left open for special events, such as large parties. To make a special opening request, contact Mike by phone or text at least 72 hours in advance of the desired opening time. Special openings cannot be requested for contractors, unless a major project is planned for a weekend.



To replace lost cards and decals, contact Mike at

Cost for replacement decals is $17 each. Replacement clamshell cards are $10 each.


Make checks payable to CBCIA and mail to CBCIA, PO Box 480, Shady Side, MD 20764.

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